Epic Fail

So I've been told that I have to go to Huw's recital on Thursday, which cancels all plans for this week since we've now missed tuesday and I either have work or have to get up early the next morning... so I'll try again next week...

Also sasparella tastes like medicine... in a good way.

Lets try this again

Texting this sort of stuff uses up too much credit.

Tomorrow (tuesday (or maybe thursday if it's better for people) ), my place, afternoon and/or night (I can do us dinner if you guys are here at appropriate times). Bring movies you want other people to watch. Some of you had things you wanted me to watch and Erin, you have to watch Anastasia. Seriously, it's good.

reply quick like. Is Carly on frequently enough for this to reach her?

(no subject)

Work was crap and depressing tonight. I kept hurting myself and there were so many people coming and then I had an extra chore and I was running late as it is then some chick wants me to use the slicer half and hour before closing and is snide elenore style because she works at another safeway and Penny brings up father's day and I was huffy all night and I reopened a cut...actually that looked kinda cool since I had a glove on and the blood had to pool inside.

So I'm driving home and figure that I'd stop in at mcdonalds for a sunday to cheer me up. Guess what? no icecream! that sent me over the edge - should have started crying in the store; that'll learn 'em to keep their icecream stocked up.

So all in all I'm alright now that I have access to my chocolate but man was that a crap shift.

"I'm all black and green; it's dreadfully painful"

Which fairytale princess would you be based on a flaw? (or character if you can't think of any princesses who match)
I'd be the princess from the princess and the pea because of my weak skin.

Also I've come to the conlution that we should be worrying about polution as polution, not because of global warming (which is a natual process). I like my air clean and breathable thank you very much. If we go the way we were then we'd be like China before long. Inner Melbourne's already too much for me to handle for long periods of time.

My undies are wet...

yes that is right, I am wet right down to my undies. Had to take my shirts off after my shift ended tonight because I had to wash not only dishes, but the floors and walls as well. Didn't do the floors right the first time so had to do them again...god I'm not going to remember all the shit I have to do for the 7 to midnight shift and if I have to do it on my own on Saturday I'm screwed.
I think I wanna cry in frustration but I'm not and I don't know why. Maybe I will if I have Saturday alone...

Strawberries, Drunk Friends and Smelly Cars

I have taken out all my earings for the first time in years.

Tonight was Jackie's 21st and it was a great evening for a time. I drove. In the city. And didn't get lost or crash. Probably because I had Sarah telling me where to go. I had raspberry softdrink and spoke to some nice people. Took lots of photos for Jackie and the roof of the pub was painting with a naked man. You know that pic of god touching fingers with that guy, it was that except they were holding beers. I ate all 3 strawberries from the cheese platter too. Dunno what they were doing there but they were some of the best strawberries I've had in ages.

Anyway Sarah and Freya had way too much to drink and Sarah ended up almost passed out in the bathroom. We called the bouncer in and she was at least able to say 'Hello mr bouncer man...' Which was a relief but she got worse after that. At least by the time we got home she was able to walk on her own. She slept most the way home with her head in a green bucket.

I'm really proud of myself for finding my way home. I knew I had to go to the end of the freeway but then I realised that the freeway had been extended by eastlink and that I was screwed. I turned where I thought was right but it wasn't but I came out at a place I knew. Remember where we got lost when we went to get your wallet Ellie? I turned the right way there and got myself to Eltham and then home.

At Eltham Freya threw up all over herself. Thankfully she spared Glue for the most part but there are bits of it here and there. I left my windows open to air it out...man it stinks... I'm going to have to clean her from top to bottom inside tomorrow.. she needed it anyway so it's probably a good thing I'm being forced into it.

Gotta break out the scented tissue again if it still stinks tomorrow. At least it won't be as bad as cleaning Chris's bathroom. Nothing is as bad as that.


I've been cleaning my room again and today I was putting up posters. Predictably I fell off the ladder and into my wall. Scratched up my limbs somehow, not quite sure how. Also hit my head really hard...although I'm not even bruised there. My back is bruised though...ow...

I have my KKM wallscroll up now! Yay! It only took me, what, Two months? Thankyou Erin~

Ellie I will get you pages as soon as I can be bothered to scan them...damn I hate drawing so many group shots... There are 6 of them! I have to get heights right! Their heads are always too big...

Carly, if you're on at all and see this, please give my Kyou Kara Moau DVDs to Erin since I'll probably see her before you with how busy you've been and all.

My elbow hurts...it bled all the way through the bandaid...

"But they've only known each other, what, 11 days? A year? Two?"

The Yaoi has finally seeped into my dreams~

Amazingly I've never dreamt of gays before, that I can remember, and like Bec my unconcious mind jumped straight in the deep end. It had Hugh Lorrie as House being all lovey dovey and doting on a younger guy. I think it was supposed to be cedric diggory (the character, not the actor; my head left Cedward alone) or the like and without the wizard thing....then the teen turned into one of those merri-go-round horses...and he was still treating him the same... Granted we were being attacked by random anime characters.

Title of this post was a quote from my dream...I'm fairly certain it was Momiji (young, cute momiji) who said it. He was being all jelous over not being chosen as House's hubby.

I don't even like House yaoi! I don't go near the real life dramas for that sort of thing! Real life human bodies are ugly.

It was an interesting dream though and amusing to see grumpy old House bending over and nose rubbing some blushing 17 year old guy.