kitsunebaba (kitsunebaba) wrote,

Mass Effect Big Bang - Art Masterpost (Our Pilgrimage)

Art based on and created for "A Pilgrimage" by bethfury.
Created for the 2012 Mass Effect Big Bang

'Her world is the ocean floor, her limbs heavy from the pressure and sunlight dancing in pinpricks from the surface.'

'Kaidan’s voice turned to mock-shock, “Oh wow, you don’t have a driver’s license? No way! But you are such a good driver!”'

'The night had escalated from friendly drinks with new co-workers, to friendly games with new friends, to a test between Shepard and Joker to see who would blush first.'

'She kneels in the salty rain beside a small shrine strewn with flowers and prays to find a port in the storm. He holds the umbrella over her and promises to be that haven.'

'“Liara,” Shepard shook her head at the sight in front of her, “You could’ve told me you guys were going to go digging and I could have put her in play clothes.”'

'She heard his footsteps start out of the room before stopping near the door.
“I just need you to prove me wrong,” he said softly, before walking away.'

'Screenshots from the bay’s security camera were made available with a slightly blurry Major Alenko dropping to one knee and Rear Admiral Shepard embracing him.'

'“We don’t have to do this,” he mumbled into her neck, softly kissing behind her ear.'

'“I’ve decided not to do this,” Shepard started to shuffle towards the door, “It isn’t too late, right?”'

'“Speaking of settling down,” she asked before he gave her a quick spin and pulled her back into him, “When are you going to find a nice girl or boy?”
“When I can find a girl that looks at me the way you look at the major,” James grinned, dipping her.'

'“When I lived here, all I wanted to do was leave,” she kicked a rock down the dusty road, “It was so tiny.”
“And now?” he asked, wrapping an arm around her.'

'The small plus had formed and she had started to cry mostly happy tears. Her heart had swelled with pride, but Shepard knew there was a dark part of her that was terrified.'

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